• Seoul Kimchi

    Kimchi is a labor of love and our family’s recipe has been passed down for generations. Seoul Kimchi bring our grandma’s recipe for all to enjoy. Made with fresh Korean chili peppers, carrots, green onion, ginger, and garlic. We use premium Napa cabbage, and only source from our local US farmers. In 2001, we launched Seoul Kimchi for distribution. What began as a mission to share our favorite Korean dish enjoy at every meal, quickly has become the #1 Kimchi on Amazon and the fastest growing Kimchi brand! We take pride in our traditional methods that embody “artisan”. From our Kimchi factory in Portland, Oregon we source and chop only the best Napa cabbage. Brining in natural sea salt, hand washing every leaf in each head of cabbage. Mixing our grandma’s secret recipe with local farm fresh ingredients and hand bottling each and every Seoul Kimchi bottle without the MSG, starches or water weight. When you bring Seoul Kimchi home, you are opening a naturally probiotic, raw and healthy fermented national dish of Korea. Seoul Kimchi is made fresh meaning we do not pre ferment before it is shipped off for distribution. Others like to say they preferment, however like all processes fermentation also comes to an end. Seoul Kimchi offers a unique experience where you are in control of how your Kimchi ferments. We deliver the freshest Kimchi to market letting you enjoy it fresh out of the bottle as it is already in fermentation process or for a bolder flavor it gains through fermenting longer as you desire. Please open slowly over the sink as natural pressures occur. A bulging lid is a sign that the fermentation is active and that we at Seoul Kimchi enjoy this flavor the most.

  • Kimchi Hot Sauce

    Hot sauce just got more interesting at Seoul Kimchi. Why can’t everything have a little kimchi kick?! We took our grandma’s kimchi recipe made with Korean chili peppers, ginger, garlic and secret spices. Put us on anything! Step aside Siracha, Seoul Kimchi Hot Sauce is the new HOT in town! Pick your hotness available in Sweet & Spicy and Spicy for those with a higher tolerance for heat. You can put and use Seoul Kimchi Hot Sauce for anything! Marinade perfect for Korean spicy chicken. Just marinate for 30 mins before you grill or bake. Have you tried your had at Kimchi? Use our hot sauce for homemade Kimchi base or just put us on anything as a hot sauce or dressing! Share with us how you Seoul Kimchi. Follow us on:

  • radish kimchi

    Kkak-Duk, Kkak-Duk! That’s the sound made when Korean radish is chopped as kids, a familiar sound heard coming from the kitchen. It is also the inspiration for its Korean name, Kkakdugi. Just like cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi has the same health benefits produced by fermentation. It’s kimchi but crunchier and naturally sweeter. After many requests from family, friends and customers, we decided to make our family’s Kkakdugi. Radish Kimchi is delicious fresh out of the bottle or with you next meal. Try our new Radish Kimchi today and let us know what you think.

  • Sweet pickled Ginger

    Keeping things natural and authentic our sweet pickled ginger is natural in color. Sushi grade and ready to eat! Great for homemade sushi night or a refeshing side dish for any meal.

  • Korean BBQ Sauces

    Coming Soon

  • Wasabi

    coming soon