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Kimchi Dinner

12 / January

Interesting Ways to Add Kimchi to your Dinner

No matter how well we like certain foods, most of us grow tired of them after a while. That’s not the case with Koreans and kimchi, a dish served at nearly every meal. One reason people never get tired of kimchi is because there are dozens of ways to enjoy it. If you have been eating kimchi primarily as a side dish, you may want to try one of these other variations.

Fried Rice

Add kimchi to traditional fried rice, and you have a filling side dish that is loaded with fiber. Feel free to experiment with other ingredients such as spinach, bacon, or fried egg to create a flavorful, one-dish meal.


Start with your favorite pizza dough, then add tomato sauce and cheese. In a separate skillet, brown Korean pork belly, kimchi, minced garlic, and ginger. Toss until thoroughly mixed, then drain and add to pizza mixture. Add any other ingredients you like such as onion, mushrooms, or peppers, then bake in a very hot oven until cheese is bubbly.

Omelets and Egg Dishes

Scramble a few eggs, then add some mild, thinly chopped kimchi to create an amazing omelet. Kimchi omelets are delicious when paired with crisp, sizzling bacon and some buttery toast.  You may even top some fried eggs with bits of kimchi, or add it to baked ham and egg cups.

In place of Sauerkraut

Like sauerkraut, the primary ingredient in kimchi is cabbage. As such, kimchi is often eaten much in the same way as sauerkraut such as:

  • On top of hot dogs
  • In bratwurst dishes
  • As part of a Rueben sandwich
  • Along with roast pork

In Soups and Stews

Kimchi lovers often include it in their best-loved soups and stews. Try adding it to your next pot of vegetable, beef onion, or tomato soup in order to spice things up a little. Want to add a bit of texture and flavor to ordinary beef stew? Throw in a little kimchi and give new zeal to a timeless favorite.

Use in Grilling

Chop kimchi into very fine pieces using a food processor. Add a bit of melted butter and mix until the kimchi is a medium consistency. Use a basting brush to spread on top of fresh ears of corn, baked potatoes, steak, or ribs, then place on a hot grill. The kimchi will give your grilled foods an amazing flavor.

Miscellaneous ways to Enjoy

If none of the above methods entice you, perhaps you should try one of the following:

  • Mixing kimchi with stir-fry vegetables along with roast pork, beef, or chicken
  • Adding kimchi to a bowl full of fresh greens to create a crisp salad
  • Kimchi dumplings that are pan fried along with tofu, beef, or pork
  • Quesadillas, tacos, or burritos that contain traditional ingredients along with a bit of kimchi

Don’t feel you are limited to only these ideas, when there are nearly unlimited ways to enjoy kimchi. Experiment with new recipes, and you just might find that you never grow weary of eating kimchi either.

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