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Kimchi Hot Sauce

22 / August

Newest Trend in Asian Food – Kimchi Hot Sauce

Kimchi is by far the most popular dish in Korea, and is becoming highly sought after in other parts of the world as well. Kimchi hot sauce is also catching on, as people are discovering its versatility is perfect for a number of occasions. Here are just a few reasons why kimchi hot sauce is gaining traction.


#1. It provides authentic Korean flavor to any dish

Kimchi hot sauce provides authentic Korean flavor to a variety of dishes, and is therefore ideal when creating authentic Asian cuisine. It is even versatile enough to use when making popular crowd pleasers such as chili or hot wings. This hot sauce is perfect for those times when you desire a bit of kimchi flavor, yet do not want the taste to be too overpowering. Try some kimchi hot sauce whenever you get a hankering for kimchi, but find it is unavailable or too hard to make.

#2.  Kimchi hot sauce suits those with a delicate palate

Despite its popularity, there are still some folks who are not quite keen on kimchi. Perhaps you have tried kimchi in the past, but found its taste too strong or odor too offensive. In that case, you may want to give kimchi hot sauce a try. Kimchi hot sauce provides just a bit of “kick”, yet has a tangy sweetness that will give a boost of flavor to nearly any dish. Use it wherever you would regular hot sauce, and you will find that it complements the taste of most foods almost perfectly.

#3. It is made from all-natural ingredients

Many sauces these days contain loads of artificial ingredients such as preservatives and food colorings. Some will even have chemically-altered flavors such as added smoke. Many people question the safety of these ingredients, and rightfully so. Artificial ingredients have been linked to everything from an increased risk of diabetes to cancer. On the other hand, kimchi hot sauce contains only natural ingredients to ensure your good health. Its chili peppers, ginger, and other ingredients will speed your metabolism and fight free radicals to help strengthen your immune system.

#4. There is no offensive odor left behind

One thing that many people dislike about kimchi is its aroma. While they love the flavor, they worry that kimchi will smell up their kitchen or that storing it in a refrigerator will affect the taste or smell of other foods. Kimchi’s offensive odor comes from cabbage, which is one ingredient not found in kimchi hot sauce. As such, all you will notice is a pleasantly spicy smell coming from the bottle. What’s more, kimchi hot sauce will only affect the flavor of foods you add it to. It will not taint your icebox, so there is no need for the separate fridge many people use for storing kimchi.

These are just a few reasons why people everywhere love kimchi hot sauce. After trying this sauce for the first time, we think you will probably come up with quite a few other reasons yourself.

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