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27 / November

Interesting Ways Kimchi Is Making it into Recipes

As one of Korea’s favorite dishes, kimchi has made its way across the ocean into the hearts of people all over the United States. Americans just can get over that unique combination of sour, spicy, and salty. Kimchi, made of cabbage, salt, and chili pepper, is high in vitamins and good bacteria that improve digestion and suppress hunger, so we’re always looking for fun and delicious ways of incorporating kimchi into our everyday dishes. As fusion foods have become increasingly popular in recent years, we have found a variety of new ways you can eat kimchi! Here are a few of our favorite recipes. Did we mention that kimchi has health benefits too?

Kimchi Butter

Kimchi-what? That’s right, we said “butter.” Just whip up a cup of butter and toss in a bit of minced kimchi. Kimchi butter makes a great addition to grilled steak, baked chicken, or even on a hamburger. Just think of it as horseradish with a bit of a sharper kick! Soon, you’ll be spreading the stuff on everything.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Need a quick meal with minimal ingredients? Kimchi fried rice is a super easy and tasty dish you can make for dinner or even just a snack after work. Throw some day-old rice into a pan, stir in some kimchi (don’t forget the juice), spam or lunch meat, green onion, and an egg, and you’re all set. If you’re looking for something healthier, try brown rice, add more vegetables, and use chicken breast or tofu instead of lunch meat.

Kimchi and Cheese

Who knew kimchi and cheese would be a match made in heaven? Sometimes the classic grilled cheese sandwich might not have the kick you’re looking for, so throw a little bit of kimchi between your slices of bread.

Think of it as a take on grilled cheese and tomato soup. When you think about it, all the flavors are there–creamy, sour, salty–just with a little extra spice.

Kimchi Taco

Yet another twist on a classic, the kimchi taco is the epitome of fusion. Make your favorite taco, and just sprinkle on some minced kimchi. It’s kind of like a Korean salsa.

Pro tip: Instead of the standard carne asada (grilled steak), try a Korean recipe for marinated beef. With the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, you’ll never look at tacos the same way.

Kimchi on Pizza

If you’re the type to add multiple packs of chili flakes on your pizza, maybe it’s time to consider adding a bit of kimchi to the mix. Tossed on a classic slice of pepperoni pizza, kimchi can really give your pizza the dynamic flavor you’ve been looking for.

Kimchi in A Burger

It’s kind of like a pickle, right? So why wouldn’t it taste delicious on your burger? Make your favorite hamburger recipe, or just buy one from a fast food restaurant! Eat the kimchi in your burger, or have it on the side, and you’ll never eat a burger without kimchi again!

Didn’t see your favorite kimchi fusion recipe on here? Fear not, we know that kimchi goes with basically everything. Keep experimenting, and find recipes that you love.

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